I’ve joined a new RP! Hope you can follow it! 

It’s an X-men RP and I play Jubilation Lee! (Jubilee) 

Fc: Arden Cho

If you’re interested in joining, please do!! 

myfirstfridays A special message from @msamberpriley There are a million of places you could be but you always find the time to be with us. Thank you! Can’t wait to hear your beautiful voice tonight. We love you! #MyFirstFridays #amberriley #humble #barbershop #livemusic


Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

@ladypagemaster7 said: missed you ^_^ hope your family is well

Missed you as well!! Everyone is well. How are you?


We good, how you doing? Missed you 😘💋😘

Missed you too! I’m okay. I was really sick for a while but I’m okay now. 

reblog if your vagina glows in the dark


Mindy Kaling as Dr. Lahiri.


Mindy Kaling as Dr. Lahiri.


*unplugs 100% charged iphone*

*slides to unlock*

battery 43%

Tumblr! Soooo I’ve been away. For personal health reasons but I’m very much back and I feel like I’ve missed so much :( How is everyone?