I don’t think anyone understands my feelings right now….

But please can we get these two back for the spin off? 

Shawn and Angela Hunter have been through it all. Their roller coaster relationship as teenagers is one their friends and family always commented on even when they weren’t together.  After living in Europe for many years and keeping close contact with Shawn, Angela made plans to visit New York to reconnect with her best friend Topanga, not admitting to herself she had underlying intentions. 

Shawn was never really the same when Angela left. He focused a lot of his time on writing. At age 26, he finally published his book of poetry which he dedicated to his friends and the love of his life; Angela Moore. When he received the first published copies of said book, Shawn made sure he gave one to each member of his friends and family, including Angela who he sent it to. Although he dated a few women on and off, Shawn never found a connection like the one his best friends Cory and Topanga shared.

Angela, graduated top of her class in Oxford and continued to study law at the Panthéon-Sorbonne. When her father remarried and made a life for himself in France, Angela realized it was time for her to do something she wanted. So, she did. She picked up her bags, wished her father well and moved back to the states. Upon arriving to New York, she immediately called her best friend, surprising her outside her door only to be surprised herself when she realized Shawn Hunter was sitting in the living room playing with Cory and Topanga’s daughter.

Their romantic union wasn’t immediate. They became close friends once more, Angela supporting Shawn’s ambitions to pursue the writing of his second book and Shawn encouraging Angela to enroll in law school to take the classes necessary to practice law in the U.S. 

The two finally began dating again and when Shawn’s second book was published, Angela asked him to marry her. 

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